Tab Slide Cookie

Tab Slide Cookie

The Tab Slide Cookie extension is ready!

Tab Slide Cookie extension will enable the Tab Slide CORE plugin to track the time each site visitor has already seen Tab Slide, and can limit how many times each visitor will see Tab Slide. It will allow you to set up when to show/hide these instances again using the cookies extension when the visitors return to the site.

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WP Giveaways – Plugin Release

WP GiveawaysI have just finalized and released a new, free open source WordPress plugin – WP Giveaways.

What is WP Giveaways?

Simply put, this plugin has been developed to encourage subscriptions to your site with a giveaway / sweepstakes / raffle program. Entice your visitors to join your army of followers, by offering them a chance at winning a reward. No subscription to a 3rd party service is necessary. You can have your WordPress site take care of the giveaway program.
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Wordfence Security – Live Traffic Admin Widget

What is Wordfence Security – Live Traffic Admin Widget?

wordfence-logoLive Traffic Admin Widget is a free open source WordPress plugin in a form of an extension for the Wordfence Security Plugin. When debugging and performing general tinkering on my wordpress blog, one of my most favorite wordfence security features to use is the live traffic view. It provides very accurate, real-time live traffic statistics for each visitor Continue reading

New Plugin Announcement: EDD – Zaxaa Integration Addon

I am excited to announce the upcoming release of my new WordPress Plugin:

EDD – Zaxaa Integration

This WordPress plugin will allow you to easily integrate Zaxaa payment notifications with the Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Plugin.
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Tab Slide

What is Tab Slide?

Tab Slide Logo
Tab Slide is a free, open source, WordPress plugin. It enhances your WordPress site with a single sliding panel. It is ideal for users who would like to present additional content without cluttering up or leaving the page. Continue reading